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Buying investment property abroad or far from your base can be a risky business and it is important to know that you have all the necessary management services in place to ensure that your property will be looked after and maintained at all times.

At LONDON PROPERTY TRADER we understand this and we have put together a range of management services to take care of absolutely every eventuality that might arise at your property. We take care of everything right from the beginning when the market research needs to be done, straight through to the final stages when your appliances and installations need to be insured.

Property management and maintenance services are all provided by LONDON PROPERTY TRADER and its' associates.

Professional services and planning are sourced out to carefully selected partners in the UK.

Before Sale

Market assessment
LONDON PROPERTY TRADER researches the market and identifies the best areas in which to invest. We look at social aspects, growth potential, big events that influence the growth of the area, as well as the rental market and potential rental income etc.

Sourcing properties
We use a combination of direct property sourcing, strategic partnerships with estate agents, trusted informants, and a host of subscriptions to obtain constant listings of distressed, repossessed and quick sale properties. We also source property and land with development and improvement potential. We select properties on the following criteria:

  • Location
  • Price vs market value
  • Potential for expansion or development to increase value
  • Rental return
  • Capital growth potential
  • LONDON PROPERTY TRADER's market predictions

Once a property has been identified and the desired purchased price agreed, we assess the property for any improvements and development potential and prepare a proposed schedule of works that will increase the desirability, rent ability, rent value of the property and actual value of the property.

We work closely with local planning officers and architects to ensure that we draw the maximum value from the property. We will also plan the interior lay-out including furniture and appliances.

Due diligence report
Once all the assessment and planning has been done, we bring all the information together in order to create a full due diligence report. In this report you will get a full overview of the property including: costing, cash requirements, cost of works, income potential, estimated value increase and a description of the market sector in which the property is located. With a complete due diligence report, you know what to expect before you spend any money!

Finance arrangements
LONDON PROPERTY TRADER have carefully selected the finance partners we introduce our investors to. It is our main objective that our investors get the best service, as well as the best possible deal in the market. Majestic Finance tick all the boxes for us and we have a faultless track record with them. Majestic Finance is an independent mortgage advisor in the UK, and they are committed to sourcing the best mortgages for LONDON PROPERTY TRADER's clients.

Money transfer
LONDON PROPERTY TRADER has special arrangements for our clients with SGM-FX. They are market leaders in the transfer of currency to and from the UK. You are guaranteed exceptional service and some of the best rates in the business.

A crucial part of any property transaction is the transfer. We understand that every week wasted on a lengthy conveyance process is rent income lost, and we refer our clients to the best conveyance attorneys in the business. Hobson and Latham have many years of experience in the UK with an impressive track record.

After sale

Property preparation
With properties that have no improvements, extensions or refurbishments scheduled, it is important to get the property rented out ASAP. LONDON PROPERTY TRADER will clear out and clean the property, install the furniture and get it ready for tenants to move in.

Where there is work to be done to the property, LONDON PROPERTY TRADER will project manage the work and ensure that the contract stays within the timeframe and budget. We will do the final checks and snag reports on your behalf and provide you with regular progress reports.

Letting and management
LONDON PROPERTY TRADER will rent out your property and take care of all the legal requirements such as tenancy agreements and landlord deposit schemes etc. In accordance with British law.

With our fully managed letting service, we will ensure that you never have to worry about the letting of your property. We will deal with tenant queries, maintenance issues, house viewings and all the required certificates.

Ongoing improvement & development opportunities
We are constantly looking for opportunities to extend or convert the properties that we manage, to increase their equity value for our investors. We will inform you if there is potential and offer you full costing forecasts of the proposed changes. Should you wish to undertake the development, LONDON PROPERTY TRADER will manage the project for you.

Regular reports
You will receive quarterly financial reports of your portfolio with LONDON PROPERTY TRADER. This is to keep you up to date with market conditions in the UK and give you peace of mind.

Maintenance and care
Maintenance is a crucial service for investors that are far away from the actual property. Our associate company, Egoli UK, offers a unique maintenance service for a set monthly retainer. They will take care of any eventuality that is not covered by the appliance, contents or installation insurance. The benefit of this is that you always know what your maintenance will cost you and you never have to worry, or even know about a problem that arises at your property, except off course in your quarterly report.

Foreign taxation
We have access to expert advice on income and tax issues affecting your investment.

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