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LONDON PROPERTY TRADER sources investment properties in the UK. Our objective is to find properties that hold immediate value (equity) by buying under the current market value or by improving or developing an existing property to increase its' value. Our aim is to minimise the risk for a potential investor to a point where the deal is "risk free."

LONDON PROPERTY TRADER has basic products and we also structure financial products according to our clients' needs. The core of our investment products are the extensive range of services we have access to. We can include and exclude services to suit every client's needs.

Property sourcing and purchase

Before any decisions are made an expert advisor will assess your financial position and investment objectives to determine what the most suitable type of property and price range would be.

The decision process
  1. We source a property that matches your criteria and ticks all the boxes on the "investors wish list"
  2. We negotiate to get the property for the best price
  3. We present you with a financial breakdown
The purchase process
  1. Mortgage - We arrange your mortgage through our finance partner Majestic Finance
  2. Purchase - We arrange the purchase and get the ball rolling
  3. Money - If you need to transfer currency, we arrange this through SGM-FX
  4. Completion - Our conveyance attorney Hobson & Latham advises and assists you until the deal completes
The preparation process
  1. Improvements - We manage any scheduled improvement and renovation work
  2. Development - We manage any scheduled development of the property
  3. Furniture & decor - We plan, order and manage the installation and decoration
  4. Appliances - We order, insure and install all appliances
  5. Certificates - We obtain all the safety certificates that are legally required
  6. Insurance - We arrange all required insurance on installations and appliances
  7. Rent ready - We make sure your property is "turn key" ready to rent
Guarantee options

  1. Letting & management - Egoli UK offers a comprehensive management package
  2. Maintenance package - Egoli UK offers a unique all inclusive maintenance deal on a monthly retainer
  3. Rent guarantee - LONDON PROPERTY TRADER offers a 5 year rent guarantee with no void periods. Certain terms and conditions apply.

Typical costs involved:

Deposits - Banks normally require a deposit of between 20% - 30% for foreign investors

Stamp duty - See table. Stamp Duty is not charged on a sliding scale basis and is levied at a fixed percentage, based on the total purchase price

Sourcing fee - is 2.5% of the purchase price

Mortgage arrangement fee varies but is usually 1% of the loan value

Conveyance fees

Furnishing, renovation, decorating and any development cost will be calculated for each individual investment

Property management fees are 10% of the monthly rent

Maintenance plan is 15% of the rental income or a minimum of £200 per month

Residential land or property SDLT rates and thresholds
Purchase price/lease premium or transfer value SDLT rate
Up to £175,000 (until 1 Dec 2009)* 0%
Over £175,000 to £250,000 1%
Over £250,000 to £500,000 3%
Over £500,000 4%
*Reverts back to £125 000  
Additional services:
  • Mortgage arrangement
  • Conveyance done by our attorneys
  • Market analysis
  • Rent and market valuation comparisons

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