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Focus & Objective

There are as many opinions as investors when it comes to property investment.

The wish list of a property investor usually consists of the following:

  • Good rental return
  • Good long term capital growth
  • Potential for equity growth - short/medium term
  • Low risk
  • Low maintenance
  • Low ongoing cost
  • Low capital lay out

With the approach we take in our property investments, we can be described as opportunists rather than investors. We will only look at an investment if we can check all of the boxes on the wish list and buy the property with the lowest possible cash investment.

Our objective is to buy properties that hold immediate value (equity) i.e. can be sold for a profit. There must also be potential to increase the property's equity value by developing or improving it if the market is not growing organically. We make sure that the rental valuation is well above the re-payment sum and that there is an above average return on the deposit and other costs. All properties are in good order before going onto the market for rental. This minimises maintenance costs and we also ensure that we have ongoing maintenance solutions for all properties. With all this in place, your risk when buying a property through us will be minimal.

We focus on managing the wish list and the risk to ensure that the properties always perform according to or above expectation. The flexibility that we have by being part of the Egoli group and having access to Egoli`s services and resources helps to make this happen

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