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LONDON PROPERTY TRADER offers specialist advice and investment opportunities in the UK property market. We offer fully comprehensive property investment solutions through a series of key services that include property management, maintenance and rent guarantee. We serve the ever increasing demand for stable property investment in international markets like the UK, and specifically London.

We recognize the needs and demands of the foreign investor in the UK. As a predominantly South African company, we understand our investors as well as we understand the UK property market.

We will match your expectations!!!

LONDON PROPERTY TRADER is committed to sourcing the best possible UK property investments for our clients with the lowest possible risk and the highest possible return. We focus particularly on the rental return, as well as the potential for increasing the equity value by way of development and market growth.

At LONDON PROPERTY TRADER, we understand that the modern international investor needs a secure property investments with low or no maintenance costs and as little involvement as possible. Our services and investment packages are all designed to provide exactly the security and reassurance the investor needs, from appliance cover to property maintenance and rent guarantee. LONDON PROPERTY TRADER has one of the most comprehensive investment packages on the market.

NOW is the best time to invest in London property!!!!

Low interest rates - rock bottom house prices - undervalued British pound

An opportunity not to be missed!!

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